ADYK is a fashion jewelry manufacturing company; we sell jewelry online through our website and through direct selling. Alise, Do You Know? (ADYK) is a social entrepreneurial project that seeks to impart the message to every female, "... do you know you can do great things?" Alise is a representation of every woman from every walk of life at any point in her lifetime. ADYK chooses to celebrate all women in their similarities and differences. We strive to champion every woman to have courage and venture to discover her untapped creative abilities; Ultimately, we strive to inspire women to live a purposeful life and live in the promise that she is capable of more than she can ever imagine. We exists to create a community of togetherness where women can cultivate their creativity through jewelry design and inspire others to create and wear fashionable jewelry. Our vision is to help people make a difference in someone else's life by creating and selling unique jewelry that people will wear proudly.

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